Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? Student Edition

Do you know of the "It's Monday, What Are you Reading?" meme? While I don't participate often, I am a big fan! I've brought the idea into our classroom and have asked my students to write these posts as a part of their reading reflections.

Yesterday morning, I decided to up the ante and take a new approach. Patrick Andrus is a 4th grade teacher who does some amazing weekly posts on his blog! I especially love his "Trailer Thursday" and "Friend Friday" posts. For Friend Friday, one of his 4th graders posts a review of a book. This is mentor text gold! Written by a fellow 4th grader. Ideas for organization. Book titles. Gold!!

Before we started writing our posts yesterday morning, we took a look at a couple of different Friend Friday posts from Patrick's blog. Students quickly noticed there was a format the posts followed and certain sentences his students used as a way to organize their thoughts. My kids asked me to leave one of the Friend Friday posts projected on the board so they could use it while writing their posts. I was happy to oblige!

As you read our IMWAYR posts this week, you can see how Patrick's students really influenced our thinking and writing. Thanks to Patrick and his 4th graders for "mentoring" us!

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