Sunday, April 20, 2014

If Not for Franki...

As soon as I saw the hashtag, I was inspired to join in the celebration for Franki Sibberson! So, here we go with a few of my favorite things about Franki.

My "advanced" readers in first grade would not have had the opportunities or variety in our classroom. Franki taught me there is more to literacy instruction than leveled books, the power of series books for readers, and how all readers are "still learning to read." (among many other things!) Her wisdom and thinking influences my work with my fourth graders just as deeply.

I wouldn't have known I was absolutely, positively #TeamBear. I love that this debate over Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back lives on to this day!

I probably would not have attended professional development conferences in three different states... and felt right at home. She makes everyone she meets feel comfortable, welcome, and valued. 

Without Franki, hilarious memories like #KatieKnows and #GHO (Go Home Ohio) would not have been created. I treasure the laughter we shared over our weekend of learning at MRA!

Her incredible talent and drive for trying new things pushes me to think more and explore more, all while remaining grounded in my beliefs. I'm thankful to have connected with Franki on Twitter. I'm just as thankful for the times we've learned and laughed together in real life!

My "Go Home Ohio" friends -
Mary Lee, me, Franki, Karen, Katie
Wishing Franki the happiest of birthdays today! Thank you for sharing wisdom, pushing thinking, and infectious laughing. Let's make that "meet in the middle" road trip happen!


  1. What wonderful, fun tributes to Franki! Love #GHO and can't forget she also inspired #carPD !! :)

  2. The laughter! One of my favorite things about Franki and being in any room where she is!!

  3. So wish I could have joined the fun at MRA. Like you, I was inspired by her thinking beyond levels.


  4. Woohooo! #GoHomeOhio is my fave thing! I laugh every time I hear it. We have got to figure out a place to get together in the middle sometime. So fun to hang out and learn together. Thanks!

  5. This sounds like a great time.. meeting in the middle! I am in!