Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Buzz!

Library Day is always highly anticipated! Even going back to when I was in school, I can remember wandering the rows, pondering the possibilities of what book I might find. And once I had that book, I couldn't wait to read it and show everyone around me what I'd found. It's the same for my 4th graders.

Last year, we'd come back from the library with the expectation that kids would put their library books away so we could move on. Yes, I made the mistake of thinking my fourth graders didn't have that same excitement I'd experienced as a kid. The buzz in the classroom was contagious, and we quickly adapted the routine. We'd return from our designated library time and take about 5 minutes to huddle up with a friend or two to share what we'd checked out.

A few weeks later, we were on our way back from the library, heading back to our classroom to share what we'd all found. One of my boys was walking next to me and asked if we'd have time for "Book Buzz." And so you have it. Book Buzz was born.

Book Buzz has become a tradition in our classroom that has carried over to my new 4th graders this year. As we return from the library, we all wander around the room, chatting about which books we checked out, what new titles we discovered, and who found the next book in a series they've been reading. We finish up by stealing a few extra minutes of reading time before we put our books away.

Something as simple as Book Buzz has succeeded in stirring up so much excitement about books and reading. It's definitely a routine that we'll keep!