Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hooray for #PB10for10 in 2014!!

Thanks to Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek for hosting this wonderful event!! It doesn't get much better than being able to share our favorite picture books (until you start reading other people's posts... and shopping for new picture books!) Be sure to visit Cathy's blog and Mandy's blog to see their lists and to find links to other people's posts.

There are just so many picture books that I love and that my 4th graders love! I was having trouble picking just ten, so once again, I've decided to go the route of "New to Me" picture books for my post this year. I cannot wait to share these with my 4th graders this year!

I'm excited to share this book with my 4th graders at the beginning of the year! I think it will help them see that picture books hold lots of memories for us and that picture books aren't just for young readers. I love, love, love that so many well-known books are featured in the illustrations and referred to in the story.

While it was Dan Santat's illustrations that first caught my eye, I loved Beekle's journey to find a friend!

I'm a big fan of Lita Judge's nearly wordless books Red Hat and Red Sled, so I was thrilled to see this new title! Little Penguin really, really wants to soar like an eagle but has to persevere and use his creative side to make it happen. Adorable! This is a great one to use when teaching about a growth mindset. 

Thanks to NerdCamp, I found this gem! So many times, kids accuse other kids of stealing things before they have all of the facts. The story of a brother, sister, and a trouble-making raccoon will help teach a valuable lesson!

I'm a huge Peter Brown fan, and he does not disappoint in his newest book! Hilarious fun! This will be a great community-building read at the beginning of the school year.

With so much talk about the importance of STEM these days, I think this will become a very important title! I love that it focuses on a little girl, Rosie, who designs and builds all sorts of things. There is also great potential for talking about a growth mindset with this one!

How many times have we had an idea that is just going to be the MOST MAGNIFICENT THING, only to have it fail miserably? This little girl shows us how to rethink and rework our ideas. Again, a great title to help us teach about a growth mindset.

This one caught my eye at The Owl and Turtle, a wonderful book shop in Camden, Maine. I loved imagining the possibilities that this book suggests and was truly in awe of the beautiful illustrations! I can't wait to hear my 4th graders "oooh" and "aaahhh" over this one.

A couple weeks ago, Franki Sibberson wrote a post about sharing read aloud books "just because." This one fits into that category for me! I'm sure there are lessons I could attach to it, but it is just plain fun. It would pair well with Nighttime Ninja.

Oh, how I love Elephant and Piggie! And my fourth graders loved them, too. It made my heart happy to see them grab the entire basket of Elephant and Piggie books in our classroom and read their way through each and every one of them. Kids will be able to relate to how Gerald is feeling when Piggie makes a new friend!

I wonder which books others have chosen on their #PB10for10 lists. I'm off to find out (and probably add more books to my cart!)