Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#pb10for10 2016

Hooray!! It's one of my favorite, favorite days of the year. Unfortunately, like many others have said, it tends to be an expensive day as well. Thanks to Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek for hosting the yearly event!

After last year's #nerdcampmi, my fourth grade readers and I embraced the idea of a classroom picture book a day challenge. We were inspired by Donalyn Miller's original #bookaday idea which then inspired Jillian Heise to create the #classroombookaday challenge. (I know that isn't the focus of today's event, but it is definitely related and definitely a worthwhile endeavor!)

At the end of the school year, I asked my fourth graders to do some reflecting on which picture books were their favorites. We also took a vote for which books were the ones we remembered the most. So this year's #pb10for10 list is actually their list! Without further adieu...

Number 10...

Number 9...

Number 8...

Number 7...

Number 6...

Number 5...

Number 4...

Number 3...

Number 2...

Number 1...

And their top pick...

As I look at their list, I know we read a wide variety of picture books that included informational texts, poetry, historical fiction, and more. However, judging by their list, they were clearly drawn to the humor in picture books! And, yes, I do know I actually snuck in 11 books. (Oops!)

And now the best part... I get to go read other people's lists and attempt to not break the bank! Thanks again to Cathy and Mandy for providing this spectacular opportunity!!


  1. We love the way you did this with your students - What a wonderful idea! We have to read these Mustache Baby books.

  2. Komos, I LOVE this!!! So many great books on this list! :)

  3. Some of these books are my favorites and my students' favorites, too. I love Mother Bruce. I'm looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for reminding me of Mustache Baby. I had forgotten about that one.

  4. Love the idea of letting your students participate! (And thanks for sharing your #classroombookaday wall - inspiring!)

  5. What a great idea for a theme - "from the mouths of babes"! No surprise that there is humour here.

  6. Students do LOVE humour. I think I had one little guy read I Yam a Donkey about 86 times - to himself and to anyone who walked in the room!

  7. Sounds like a great time with your #Bookaday challenge, Laura. I know most of these, but not Treat! Will look for it!

  8. When student-teachers come to me for a recommendation with no specific criteria, just 'a good book' I always go for something humorous. I'll be looking for Mustache Baby to add to the Doucette Library's collection. Thank you.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  9. Children are the wisest people I know! What a great idea it was to ask your students about the most important picture books of their year. There are some great titles here. Thanks.

  10. My favorite lists are those that kids pick! I added several of your titles to my To Read list for the year. We'll see what my kiddos think! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love that your students helped you create this list! Books that kids love - those are the ones we need to promote! I know many of these but have noted Banana, Treat and Baby Monster Born.