Monday, November 4, 2013

What do my students love about 4th grade?

As I was getting information ready for parent-teacher conferences, I put together a document for my 4th graders to fill out to help me gain their perspective for what is going well and what they feel they need to work on.

I included the topic "What I love about 4th grade" because it is so incredibly important to me. Relationships matter. Happiness and joy matter. I want to know what it is my kids love about our classroom this year. Here were a few of their responses that were mentioned frequently...

*class library
*Miss Komos
*bean bag chairs
*Daily 5
*fuzzy carpet
*my friends
*reading and being able to select from lots of books
*my teacher for being supportive
*I love that we get to read and write every day
*her library because it is helping me become a better reader

Confession: I'm quite teary-eyed as I write this. With all of the uncertainty I've felt starting in this new journey, I know I'm doing something right. This list really shows what we value, from the simple comforts of a cozy classroom to the more complex feelings of having a supportive teacher. And like so many of my Nerdy Book Club friends, I pour money and time into our classroom library. Having their feedback on it does my heart good!

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  1. I admire how brave and positive you are thru your change of schools and grade levels. It's clear that you've made a wonderful connection with your students and that they know how much you care. That means so much!